Environmental Planning

TCRPC is pleased to welcome our new Environmental Sustainability Planner Cliff Walls! Cliff will be working closely with the Greater Lansing Regional Committee for Stormwater Management helping everyone get their NPDES permit applications ready for submission this spring!

Tri-County Water Policies & Programs Guide

The Tri-County Water Policies and Programs Guide is a unique effort that for the first time brought together experts in groundwater, drinking water, land use, surface water, and wastewater from Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham Counties to examine in depth how well they are working together to protect mid-Michigan’s water resources. These experts reviewed everything from agriculture to wetlands and throughout considered how each system and program is interconnected and interdependent. It is intended as an informational tool and guidance document for decision makers and the citizens of the Tri-County Region. Each chapter contains a narrative that provides a topic overview, main programming components, an outline of gaps and concerns and key resources. Each chapter also includes a correlating table that identifies central programs/activities. The table outlines standards, resources, actions, funding, evaluation, coordinating agencies and timelines for each identified program/activity. For ease of reference, each chapter is color coded.

Greater Lansing Regional Committee for Stormwater Management (GLRC)

The Greater Lansing Regional Committee for Stormwater Management (GLRC) is a guiding body comprised of participating communities within the Greater Lansing Region that operate municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s). The Committee has been established to guide the implementation of the entire permitted MS4 Stormwater Program for the communities within three identified watersheds, the Grand River, the Red Cedar River and the Looking Glass River Watersheds. For more information contact reception@mitcrpc.org.

TCRPC honored Reach Studio Art Center for their stormdrain project they coordinated with the Greater Lansing Regional Committee for Stormwater Management (GLRC). See an amazing video about the project HERE.


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Groundwater Management Board (GMB)

The Groundwater Management Board's mission: To provide a multi-jurisdictional forum for coordination and cooperation to help assure adequate quantities and qualities of groundwater are available to meet regional needs.

The Groundwater Management Board was created to protect and preserve our drinking water at its source. The GMB is a group of communities, including the campus of Michigan State University, working together to maintain high standards of local groundwater quality through research, policy recommendations and education. The GMB has received numerous state and national recognitions for its innovative and cooperative programming.

TCRPC was recognized for 20 years as a Groundwater Guardian from The Groundwater Foundation. See it here.

Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities (GLACC)

Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities (GLACC)

Greater Lansing Area Clean Cities (GLACC) is a coalition of stakeholders working to achieve cleaner air and energy security in mid-Michigan through alternative fuel and vehicle usage, and fuel economy practices.  Stakeholders include fleets, corporations, nonprofit organizations, utilities, local governments, and individuals — anyone interested in ways cleaner fuels, vehicles, and practices can improve our air quality and energy security.

Pollution Isn't Pretty

The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission partnered with the Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds and several Mid-Michigan watershed groups and agencies to rollout a recently developed  water resources brand, Pollution Isn’t Pretty. The campaign will streamline multiple organization’s educational efforts to create clear, consistent messages that educate area residents about water quality concerns and what they can do to reduce pollution and protect our region’s water resources. To learn more about Pollution Isn’t Pretty visit www.pollutionisntpretty.org.

CONGRATULATIONS! This campaign received the 2013 Gold ADDY Award! The ADDYs are considered the world's largest advertising competition that recognizes creative excellence in all forms of media and design.

Middle Grand River Organization of Watersheds (MGROW)

The TCRPC is working with MGROW through the Mid-Michigan Program for Greater Sustainability to promote our local water resources through public education and outreach efforts like the Pollution Isn’t Pretty campaign mentioned above. In addition, we are working collaboratively on a Grand River Heritage Water Trail. The trail highlights several historical events and places along the Middle Grand River that are an important part of our local heritage.

MGROW Mission Statement: To protect and preserve the history and the natural resources of the Middle Grand River watershed by promoting education, conservation, restoration, and wise use of watershed resources. For more information visit www.mgrow.org.