Environmental Planning

The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission strives to protect and enhance our environment, particularly in the areas of water, waste reduction, and air quality. Our environmental programs focus on planning for the future, and ensuring our region has access to unpolluted surface water, sustainable groundwater resources, healthy and safe drinking water, and clean energy vehicles options.

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Tri-County Water Policies & Programs Guide

The Tri-County Water Policies and Programs Guide is a unique effort that for the first time brought together experts in groundwater, drinking water, land use, surface water, and wastewater from Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham Counties to examine in depth how well they are working together to protect mid-Michigan's water resources. These experts reviewed everything from agriculture to wetlands and throughout considered how each system and program is interconnected and interdependent. It is intended as an informational tool and guidance document for decision makers and the citizens of the Tri-County Region. Each chapter contains a narrative that provides a topic overview, main programming components, an outline of gaps and concerns and key resources. Each chapter also includes a correlating table that identifies central programs/activities. The table outlines standards, resources, actions, funding, evaluation, coordinating agencies and timelines for each identified program/activity. For ease of reference, each chapter is color coded.